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If you are ready to enroll in the South Carolina Deferred Compensation Program, all the materials you need are available to you on this website.

We encourage you to use the Planning Tools available through the Resource Center to determine how much you want to contribute, review the Program Highlights to learn how the Program works and research the available investment options on this website.

Follow the steps below to enroll:

  1. Complete and return the Enrollment form.
  2. Complete and return the Beneficiary form.

    457 Beneficiary Form

    401(k) Beneficiary Form

  3. If you have assets in another account, from your previous employer retirement plan or an IRA, you may be able to roll them into the Program. Complete and return the Incoming Rollover form.

    457 Incoming Transfer Rollover Request form

    401(k) Incoming Rollover Request form

You are encouraged to discuss rolling money from one account to another with your financial advisor/planner and to consider any potential fees and/or limitations of available investment options.

Still not Sure? Read this brochure about the benefits of the plan or view this interactive presentation.
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