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Investment Options

A wide array of core investment options is available through your Program. Each option is explained in further detail through the links below. Investment option information is also available through the Voice Response System toll free at (877) 457-6263.

In addition to the core investment options, a self-directed brokerage (SDB) account is available. The SDB account allows you to select from numerous investment options outside of the core investments offered by the Program.

The securities offered through the SDB account are not offered through GWFS Equities, Inc. and are not a core investment option within the Program. The SDB account is intended for knowledgeable investors who acknowledge and understand the risks associated with the investments contained in the SDB account. There are additional fees for participants who wish to utilize the SDB account.

For more information about your investment options, click on one of the links below:

Fund Overviews

Online Prospectus

Fund Performance

Investment Assistance

Investing Together: Target Date Funds and Managed Account service

Please consider the investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses carefully before investing. For this and other important information, you may obtain mutual fund prospectuses on this site or from your registered representative. Disclosure documents for unregistered products can be obtained from your registered representative. For prospectuses related to investments in your Self-Directed Brokerage (SDB) account, contact your SDB provider. Read them carefully before investing.

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